Actions to link art with society


I explore the different meanings of identity. Variety, contrast, oppositions can live all in one unity. I let myself inspire from my experience with others through diverse formats. I sew my impressions as anthropomorphic fragments with visible stitches, showing the complexity of what we are.

The emigrated stitch

“Carla Romero is an example of how an immigrant lives making and exhibiting art in Germany. Romero’s first exhibition in Germany took place in 2014 at the Textil Art Berlin fair, where space had been created to exhibit textile art alongside the regular sales operation . Here Romero’s artwork contributed to the break with the cliché of the good housemother fetching the white cube and thus creating new spaces of art experience, as well as using materials that transcend genres for their visual works, she creates transitory moments that make curious about their future development. Admirable is the perseverance with which she goes her way and breaks (up) given and established conditions almost in passing.”
Maja Peltzer

I believe that Art mediation is a valuable tool that can encourage dialogues, make us reflect about our context and bring us together as a society.

I investigate different ways to understand what identity could mean in our era.I explore how our being is formed and nourished over time by personal and collective experiences.  I visually represent this transformation through anthropomorphic forms.

State in constant creation


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